Children’s Classes:

Available when minimum class size is met. Please advise us of your interest.

This is a beginning level dance class. Keiki (children) will learn to chant, sing, and hula dance using proper technique. Like adult, keiki also learn kahiko and ‘auana styles. Students will experience cultural diversity, body movement, and opportunities for performance. Hawaiian mythology, geography, music, and language will also be explored in class.

Classes take place at World Rhythm & Motion Studio, located at 3422 Miguelito Court, Suite #3 in San Luis Obispo.

For more information about classes, please contact Kumu Sylvia at 805-242-6878 or at

3 Replies to “Children”

  1. Hi there, My 8 and 12 year old daughters are interested in beginning Hula. Is this currently being offered?

  2. Hi! I was wondering what age you typically allow children to start hula? Is it a mix of boys and girls? My son is part native Hawaiian and we’d love for him to have as much exposure to his native heritage as possible (more than the 1-2 times a year to the island). He’s almost 2.5, which I’m sure is a bit too young, but I wanted to learn more about your children’s classes for the future.

    1. Hi Felicia,

      Thank you for reaching out! We are not currently offering a keiki class, but have had children as young as 5 start to learn hula. Girls and boys are both welcome. For more specific information about future keiki classes, please reach out to Kumu Sylvia at 805-242-6878 or at We hope to see your son in a few years!

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